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Calanit, The Meaning of the NAME:




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Calanit is a beautiful flower ... Most common is the red

Red carpet of Anemone coronaria flowers in Shokeda Forest, Israel, 2012. The vast red carpets of Anemones have become a major tourist attraction of the northern Negev region of Israel, in recent years.

Calanit is a beautiful flower, as you can see.
Most common is the red.

It is the National Flower of Israel

In Hebrew, the anemone is "כלנית מצויה" (Calanit metzouya). "Calanit" comes from the Hebrew word "Cala כלה" which means "bride", "metzouya" means "common." The calanit earned its name because of its beauty and majesty, evoking a bride on her wedding day.

The Anemone coronaria grows wild all over Israel and Jordan. During the British Mandate for Palestine, British soldiers were nicknamed "Kalaniyot" for their red berets.